Discernment of the Spirit (Living Flame Vol II, No: I: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Discourse in Spirituality)

Fr. Christian Buenafe, O.Carm., Ph.D., Fr. Rico Ponce, O.Carm., Ph.D., Clarissa “Ilsa” Reyes, Ma. Agela Ureta, aO.Carm., Dr. Jose de Mesa, Robert Panaguiton, Sr. Anne-Marie Bos, O.Carm., Ph.D., Fr. Martin Pierik, O.Carm., S.Th.D.


ISBN: 978-971-9-6420-2-2;                          Php250.00
(book paper; softbound)                              236 pages; 6×9 in; c2015


A yearly of the Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA) featuring the best papers presented during its monthly public lectures and occasional seminar-workshops. It is derived from the book “Living Flame of Love” by St. John of the Cross in his vivid and artistic portrayal of his spiritual journey as a Carmelite mystic. This journal serves as a furnace in purifying, sharpening and deepening one’s spirituality, “like a gold tested in fire” (1 Peter 1:7).