Lecture Series I and II

Lecture Series I – The Essence of Spirituality and the relationship of Christian Spirituality with the Spirituality of other Great Asian Religions.

Lecture Series II – Elements of Filipino Spirituality.

Michael, Plattig, Eliseo Mercado, Augustine Ichiro Okumura, Leonardo Legaspi, Leonardo Mercado, Kees Waaijman, Francis Vineeth, Luce Lopez – Baralt, Jul Kiepli Wadi
ISBN 978-971-9346-13-5 Php 220.00; (Book paper; perfect binding); 170p; 6×9 in; c2003

This is a compilation of the Lecture Series I focusing on the Essence of Spirituality that includes Therese of Lisiux: Story of a Soul a Story of Liberation.  Spituality: Essence and Methods, Christian and Muslim Spirituality, Christian and Hindu Spirituality, Christian and Buddist Spirituality. Where as Lecture Series II dwells on The elements of Filipino Spirituality including that of the Indegenous Malay element, Islamic Influence and the Inculturation and the Ashram ideal in India.