Research on Spirituality Series II – FIRED FROM WITHIN: Spirituality in the Social Movement

Ton Danenberg, Carlos Ronquillo, Jose de Mesa, Emelina Villegas, Maurice Piers


ISSN 1908-0611                                                 Php250.00
(book paper; softbound)                              380p; 6×9 in; c2008


This book centers on the stories of 16 persons who worked with consuming zeal and passion for social change in the Philippines. The stories speak of their families, their way of life, their religiosity, the options they took and their lifelong commitment to the cause. The stories speak of the plight of the “wretched of the earth,” and their struggle for human dignity. Most of all, the stories speak of the movement itself in whose bosom they got the flame that “fired them from within.”

This book is not just about spirituality. It is also a challenge to those interested in spirituality. It is a challenge to spirituality itself.