Research on Spirituality Series No. 7: The Masses are Messiah: Contemplating the Filipino Soul

Carlito M. Gaspart, C.S.s.R., Ph.D.


ISSN 1908-0611                                                 Php400.00
(book paper; softbound)                              451p; 6×9 in; c2010


The book opens the research design, objectives and methods used in the first chapter. The stories of spiritual journeys of selected people who are actively involved in the different communities and ministries with their transforming experiences remind us of our own stories to tell which spark bits of appreciation and inspiration. It is noteworthy to discover and present our ancestors’ indigenous belief system and how it shifted with the impact of conquest and conversation. The evolution of animism, cosmic religion, syncretism to localization is also well discussed that serves as the matrix of construct and discourse on the Filipino Spirituality.