Research Program

Research on Spirituality

ISA supports and gives priority to researches in the following areas: Asian Spirituality, Filipino Spirituality, and Carmelite Spirituality. ISA accepts proposals from different institutions and individuals with innovative methods and approaches to understanding Spirituality.
ISA has supported a total of 12 research projects since 2001. Four projects have been completed, four (4)are already published; the rest are in the different levels of development.

On-going Research Projects

  • Artisan’s Spirituality in Pampanga

    Research Fellows: Eufracio Abaya, Ph.D.

In-House Research Projects

ISA currently conducts three major research studies undertaken by its own research team, led by the Director for Research and Publications.

1. Survey-Inventory of Spirituality Studies in the Philippines.

This in-house research project aims to find out what areas/themes or focus in the field of Spirituality in the Philippines have been studied by researchers; to identify the methodologies used; and to identify the gaps in the studies conducted i.e. what areas, aspects or issues that are not explored.

An initial output of this project was presented during the Colloquium on Research Methodologies in the Study of Spirituality in the Philippines on June 28-30, 2004.

The research team is now compiling abstracts of theses and dissertations on spirituality of graduate students in major universities and theological centers in the country. An analysis of these abstracts will be made to address the different issues and concerns regarding spirituality studies in the Philippines.

2. Spirituality and Development Work

In coordination with a non-profit development organization, Management and Organizational Development for Empowerment (MODE)ISA is conducting a study on the dynamics between spirituality and development work. This study stemmed from a Colloquium that ISA and MODE co-organized in 2005 where participants shared about their experiences and insights on how one’s breath and depth of personal sense of being and becoming is a basic element in development work. This in-house research study focused on getting the written reflections of those who have been/are still in development work for more than 10 years. This study seeks to explore, articulate and document the spirituality that drives, nourishes and sustains a development worker.

3. Religion and Human Rights Cross-Cultural Study

The ISA Research Team undertakes the Philippine end of the multi-country study organized by Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This cross-cultural study seeks to find out the “effects of religious attitudes and behaviour on human rights attitudes among Christian, Islamic and secularised students in senior secondary school classes in various local contexts in various countries?” Other participants of this study are students from The Netherlands, Wales, Scotland, Germany, USA, Indonesia, India, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Surinam, and Australia. The respondents of this study are 500 Christian and Muslim students, aged between 16 to 19 years, and are residents of the cities of Iligan and Marawi.


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