Sounding our Depths: Glimpses in Spirituality

Sr. Flor Pauline L.  Duran, Carm. O.L., Ph.D.


ISBN: 978-971-9642-00-8;                           Php350.00
(book paper; softbound)                              233 pages; 8.5×12 in; c2014


Renewed, refresh after unveiling, after the risking, then acceptance. The realization, the reflection, then action – this is the gentle walk from the “anima” – spirit, a center where life begins and becomes. A place where one cannot explain the inner joy and peace in the heart. Where one feels like saying I have seen the fulfillment of my lifetime and forever I am thankful to the loving and compassionate God.

Come, journey and walk with Him… live life to the full.

Care for the mountain and keep it safe from fire, so that the small tress, and all those found there needed by people are not endangered and die. Even the birds will go away if there are no trees for them to rest on.